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From 1992 to 1995, kamo, inc. represented a Texas startup called Portable Graphics (PGI), a developer of 3D graphics libraries and emulators.

kamo, inc.

  • researched and identified appropriate distribution candidates;
  • set up PGI's first two distributors;
  • executed agreements with two Japanese hardware manufacturers to develop software for specialized hardware;
  • worked with PGI's distributors to quickly identify prospective customers;
  • served as a liaison between PGI's technical staff and contacts at its distributors and customers in order to meet the demanding requirements of PGI's customers.

kamo, inc. continued to represent PGI after its acquisition by Evans and Sutherland in 1994. By 1995, the Japanese market generated one third of PGI's worldwide revenue.

Why 3D graphics?
We live in a 3D world, but we are forced to communicate with computers through a 2D interface (screen, keyboard, and mouse) based on the centuries-old notion of the printed page. While this interface is familiar, it is entirely inappropriate for many applications. We need a new generation of computers that can interact more naturally with humans in a 3D world.

Digital documents
kamo, inc. has been involved with projects involving many different kinds of promising technologies; another project involving digital document technology is described here.

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