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These links were last updated in January 2004. Links tend to grow old quite quickly. We would greatly appreciate it if you would inform us of any broken links that you might find!

The EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation is a collaboration between the European Commission and the Ministry of International Trade and Industry of Japan.

HCI Publications offers a useful book called Business Otsukiai. Unfortunatley, the online version of the book is no longer available but you may be able to order a copy of the paperback by contacting HCI directly.
JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) is a Japanese-government-funded organization whose charter is to support foreign companies trying to enter the Japanese market. The site offers useful information about exporting to Japan, standards and regulations, as well as a collection of statistics and survey results.
The US Embassy's web site contains information about commercial services available to American companies and individuals.
The American Management Association (AMA) in Japan offers a series of video interviews with people who have been working on Japan-US business projects.
The web site of the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan provides a series of webcasts based on presentations of speakers at recent events. The site also provides tips to living in Japan as well as information about the various printed publications available from the Chamber.
Nikkei Net Interactive is the English-language web site of the large economic news syndicate, Nikkei. The site contains Japanese business news headlines and select links to Japanese and Asian companies. (Note: paid subscription is required to view article content.)
  The Japan Times is Japan's leading English-language newspaper.
Japan, Inc. is a an English-language magazine that follows business and technology trends in Japan.
General Information on Japan

Japanese telecom giant NTT used to be at the pinnacle of the Japanese Internet, but it has been unseated by the tremendous explosion of the Internet in Japan in recent years. Still NTT offers a few useful resources on the web including a partial English Telephone Directory, some interesting tidbits about Japanese culture, advice about customs and holidays, useful information about living in Japan, and some tips about doing business in Japan.

The Center for Global Communications at the International University of Japan whose purpose is "to provide the world with quality information from and about Japan" will be opening the new Japan Academic Resource Center soon, although the site was not yet active as of June '99. There is still lots of useful information on their Inforum Home Page, which was the former incarnation of the same project. The primary resource on this site is a collection of scholarly essays on various topics in public policy, communication, economics, international relations, political science, sociology, anthropology and Japanese history. The site also contains a set of guidelines regarding the restructuring of telecom-giant NTT by The Information Technology and Communications Policy Forum of Japan.

Tokyo-related resources
The Official Narita Airport page hosts a variety of useful information about the airport including up-to-the minute listings of today's international departures and arrivals as well as schedule and fare information for public transportation to and from the airport and information about services available at the airport including cell phone rental, baggage storage and economical shipping services, etc.
Narita Airport is located far outside of metropolitan Tokyo. While the Official Narita Airport page offers information about public transportation options (train, bus, etc.), another option that has been popular among some of our clients is a private Limousine Hire service available by reservation from the same service that offers limousine buses to major hotels.
HIS offers a handy English online timetable, course and fare search facilitity. Some of the major train stations are complex 3D mazes. JR East (formerly the national railroad corporation) offers printable maps of major teminuses such as Tokyo Station, Shinjuku Station, etc.
Tokyo Information Network, now known as inJapan, contains classifieds, forums, plus web hosting and Internet-based e-mail services.
Metropolis is an online version of a printed English magazine on Japan.
The Tokyo Journal is an English-language magazine geared toward an audience of Western expats living in the Tokyo area. Their web site used to include full-text of provocative articles from their magazine as well as listings of current events.
Several vendors (Servcorp, Regus, Mail Boxes Etc.) offer virtual office services in Tokyo. These services are suitable for companies just setting up a presence in Japan or small operations. All of these vendors offer their services at sites worldwide.
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