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kamo, inc. is involved in a number of ongoing community activities in the Nagano area. As a service to businesses in the nearby town of Sakaki, considered a "miracle" town for it's amazing postwar industrial growth, kamo, inc. maintains, home to the Sakaki-machi Chamber of Commerce and Industry , as well as the home pages of several Sakaki businesses.

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Nagano links

General Information

The Kiso Lab at Shinshu University has prepared the definitive list of information about Nagano prefecture including information about access, sightseeing, area guides, ski areas, hot springs, etc.
Nagano Prefecture offers some basic information about the Prefecture in English and other foreign languages.

Nagano Links

These links were last updated in December 2003. Links tend to grow old quite quickly. We would greatly appreciate it if you would inform us of any broken links that you might find!

Olympic Events
Retrospective of the Nagano 1998 Winter Olympic Games (February 7-22, 1998)
The Official Site of Olympic Games

Shinshu University is the leading public university in Nagano prefecture. Among the more interesting sites at Shinshu University is that of the Kiso Lab at the Department of Information Engineering.
Nagano University
Nagano National College of Technology

Many of Nagano's smaller companies have not yet been struck by the Internet bug, but the number that have is growing by day to day. The following is a list of more notable companies with English content; the list of sites is of course growing day-to-day and one would be well advised to check the pages of local ISPs and other sites listed below for the latest offerings.
NTT (Tokyo) is of course the mother of the Japanese Internet, but recently the use of the Internet has mushroomed beyond the control of any single organization.
Nagano is known for its industrial ingenuity particularly that of precision machinery. One of the prefecture's better known companies is Seiko Epson.
One of the few independent software developers in Nagano, Zoo Corporation has a web site which shows off its staff's talents in multimedia. One of the more active staff pages is that of Dan Burgess. Zoo is also the operator of Internet Shinshu, one of the local Internet Providers.

Internet Providers
Perhaps the oldest and most well established independent provider is AVIS. They are host to a number of interesting sites including the home pages of several municipalities and the Association of Nagano Prefecture for Promoting International Exchange (ANPIE).
Operated by the local subsidiary of Fujitsu, InfoValley has a sprinkling of interesting individual home pages, but lacks English content.
Popular among computer enthusiasts, CNET lacks any sort of central organization or very much English content.
Internet Shinshu is owned and operated by Zoo Corporation (mentioned in "Companies" section above).
The Small Business Information Center of Nagano Prefecture caused quite an uproar when they opened their own Internet service provider funded by public money; they have since promised to shut down their service within 2 years. Many small companies in the Prefecture have signed up for their economical dial-up and home page posting service. The site is also host to information about Nagano Prefecture's Research Institutes.

WWW.Shinshu.COM is a webzine, but it seems have recently stopped functioning.
Nagano Journal used to have an English section titled "Nature Talk" but it seems that this link is no longer operable.
As one of his few acts during his very short term in office, former Prime Minister Hata (a local boy), managed to get the Ministry of International Trade and Industry to allocate a big pile of money to build the Ueda City Multimedia Information Center.
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