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This page is dedicated to a handful of links to smaller companies and individuals that provide high-quality products and services. For a listing of small & promising companies in kamo, inc.'s locality, please also refer to the Nagano organizations listed on kamo, inc.'s community page.

One of the exciting elements of the Internet is that the technology still provides equal access to distribution channels for both small and large organizations who wish to "publish" information. It is often said that in this way the Internet is -- at this moment in history -- still somewhat more egalitarian than older, more established print and broadcast media.

Small is beautiful is a book by the British economist, E. F. Schumacher, in which he debunks the assumption in economics and other fields that growth and large organization is the ultimate goal of modern economies.

These links were last updated in December 2003. Links tend to grow old quite quickly. We would greatly appreciate it if you would inform us of any broken links that you might find!

AeroHydro, Inc. [Southwest Harbor, ME USA] provides leading 3D/CAD technology for handling surfaces in a mathematically pure manner with applications not only in marine design but also aerospace and other areas of design where surfaces are complex and critical to the performance and quality of the final product.
Allette Systems [Sydney, Australia] provides electronic publishing services. Their clientele includes many leading governmental and private organizations from Australia, Asia and North America which have identified advanced methods of storing, manipulating and publishing textual information as a strategic advantage in the 21st century.
ASTEC [Tokyo, Japan] is a small, independent ISV (independent software vendor) that markets a host of software development and other products developed in-house and localized from Western sources. Besides game software, there are few Japanese-developed standalone software products available for widespread distribution in the West, but look to companies like ASTEC to provide superior solutions to Western markets in the near future.
Basis Technologies [Boston, MA USA] helps Western software firms localize their products for introduction into Japanese and other Asian marketplaces. Their efforts help Western companies collaborate on more equal footing with their Japanese partners to deliver quality products in the Japanese marketplace.
The Davis Company [Anchorage, AK USA] is a one-stop shopping location for high-quality, economical US-domestic and international telecommunication services offering outstanding real-time, personalized support via telephone and e-mail.
Firetrust [Christchurch, New Zealand] develops e-mail security products to cleanse a user's mail box of unsolicited commercial e-mail (spam) and harmful viruses.
Mailshell [San Francisco, CA USA] develops tools to promote intelligent e-mail management. They provide a free service for removing unsolicited commercial e-mail (spam) from a user's mail box and also offer the same technology as a stand-alone application and server-side application.
Metaphoria [Los Angeles, CA USA] is a translation service with a flair for copyrighting and narration that captures the subtle nuances that often get lost in translation.
Shirt Pocket [Weston, MA USA] is a small software publisher dedicated to turning out simple, but useful tools for the Macintosh.
Standalone [Chicago, IL USA] is a small software publisher that turns out games and utilities for the Palm and PocketPC.
Studio Myu [Tokyo, Japan] is an architectural design firm whose simple & uncluttered designs maximize the utility of small spaces.
Tangent Computing [Tokyo, Japan] represents a number of leading North American software development tool vendors. We should all aspire to match Tangent in the quality and professionalism of their customer support.
Traction Software [Providence, RI USA] develops Enterprise Weblog software and other tools to help groups and teams communicate, share, organize and link business information.
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