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kamo, inc. specializes in partnering rapidly growing American companies that possess promising and innovative technologies with large Japanese corporations that have access to markets in Japan. That specialization has been reflected in kamo, inc.'s client list. For more background about past projects, see these case studies in the fields of 3D graphics and digital documents.

United States

AeroHydro (Maine)

An independent software vendor with promising technology to support collaborative design processes. Well established in the boat-building industry in the US, AeroHydro is reaching into other arenas of mechanical design.
Ashlar (Texas)
A software vendor which develops productivity and performance enhancements and other CAD-related products.
Electronic Book Technologies (Rhode Island)
A software vendor developing professional SGML publishing tools; acquired by Stellent in 1996.
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United States
AeroHydro Inc.
Electronic Book Tech.
Portable Graphics

Asama Denshi Shuppan
Hitachi Zosen
NTT Data

Sun Microsystems
Toshiba Solutions
Tsukada Medical

MicroQuill Software Publishing (Washington State)

A small software publisher of development tools for the PC.

Netegrity (Massachusetts)

A publisher of software development tools formerly called Software Developer's Company.

Portable Graphics (Texas)

A software vendor which developed 3D graphics API libraries and tools. Acquired by Evans & Sutherland in 1994.

Sun Microsystems (California)

The leading UNIX workstation manufacturer and creator of advanced software technologies like Java.
UnderWare (Massachusetts)
The creator of Brief, the leading programmer's editor for DOS, and other software development tools. Acquired by Compuware in 1998.


Asama Denshi Shuppan (Nagano)

A producer of educational software.

Gakken (Tokyo)

A large educational materials company and a strong supporter of digital document technology in Japan.
Hitachi Zosen Information Systems (Tokyo)
The software arm of Hitachi Zosen, a major shipbuilder, which has become a leading software publisher and integrator specializing in tools which support manufacturing and industrial processes.
NTT Data (Tokyo)

The software division of NTT, Japan's national telephone service provider.

Rworks (Tokyo)

An independent software vendor which resells leading Western development tools and develops its own line of client-server tools and other software products.
SYC (Fukuoka)
A reseller of computers and software.
Toshiba Solutions (Tokyo)
A software subsidiary of Toshiba corporation.
Tsukada Medical Research (Nagano)
An inventor of innovative medical devices.
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