Doing Business with Japan

US companies with great technology have a lot to gain from partnering with a Japanese firm. The manufacturing expertise of large Japanese conglomerates can help American companies access markets for leading-edge technologies the world over.

Christopher Keener, president of kamo, inc., takes you through some of the issues worth considering before expanding your business into the Japanese market.

1) Setting up Shop in Japan

2) Japan in Context: Transcending Stereotypes

3) Beyond Japan: Moving towards a world economy

kamo, inc. in the community

kamo, inc. is involved in a number of ongoing community activities in the Nagano area, providing web services to the chamber of commerce and local businesses.

Small is Beautiful
A section of links to small companies that provide quality products and services. These links are inspired by Small is beautiful, a book by the British economist E. F. Schumacher that provides an alternative to the assumption that growth should be the only goal of modern societies and organizations.

Japan business links
Visit the Japan business links page for useful information about companies, trade shows, and other topics useful for companies doing business in Japan.

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