about kamo, inc.

kamo, inc. is a Japanese corporation providing consulting services to both Japanese and American companies.

business philosophy

kamo, inc. helps its American clients to leverage their negotiating power and build relationships with the best potential Japanese partners. more...

about the principal

Christopher Keener, the president of kamo, inc. has over ten years of high-tech consulting experience in the Japanese market.


location and access
kamo, inc. is located in Nagano Prefecture, Japan, in the mountains about 200 km northwest of Tokyo.
selected clients
kamo, inc.'s projects often involve building collaborative relationships between rapidly growing startups and multinational corporations. Clients have included small companies with innovative technology like AeroHydro and ASTEC as well as larger, more established firms such as Hitachi Zosen Information Systems, and Sun Microsystems, more...

about us: business philosophy
about the principal selected clients location and access
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